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FNAF 4 Minigame Plushies
These plushies were from Blooper's Bloopidy Blooper. You could buy them using bloopets.
Toy Chica Minigames
If you're wondering what all these edits are for, it's for my timeline, showing the molecule-sized details a lot of people missed. From now, these edits will contain a short piece of what may or may not be used in my timeline. Note that small chunks of it may be blooped out due to secrecy. Here's one part:

On the left is Bloop Chica which shares a lot of similarities with FNAF Bloop BloopyBloop Chica. On the right is an actual Bloop Chica unlike the actual Bloopotronics 
So, I need another ideas page. I decided ideas will appear randomly depending on what I'm doing. Note that this is now So here's part 2:

51. Based on two SisterLolcation comics, Baby will have a slightly childish persona.
52. If I was ever keen to add FNAC into Perspective Fazbear, Candy would act similar to Freddy and Bonnie combined while Cindy acts like a 5-year-old. She would also do random things. So, presumably, Baby and Cindy would have private chats. 
53. Bonnie will kill himself near the end of the year. I haven't thought of a reason why.
54. In the part where Freddy and the gang live together in a house, I've thought of it being somewhat "Undertale + (Life is Strange - Reversing time)" This could be elaborated on, as Freddy may overhear and eavesdrop (similar to what I do IRL) on many conversations, learning many secrets.
55. Like me, Freddy would hate the scenario (hard to explain) where someone walks by friends doing something like "HAI! HAI! HAI!" and when it gets up to him it just goes to a monotone voice or just stops completely. I have no idea why I hate this.
56. Hello Neighbour deserves love. So I'll do my part and have Ballora playing it.
57. Because why not, if I ever make another Perspective Fazbear-like thing, it would circle around the Toy Animatronics and the Undertale characters. Named "Perspective Skeleton", in Sans' perspective.
58. This would be canon, as Chica hears a knock on the door, then as fast as she can, cooks a meal with Foxy, puts on her makeup, and answers the door. Sans would actually knock on the door, but as soon as she answers, Sans would've already left. Then Chica either faints or pants.
59. As opposed to Idea #50, Ennard will become gradually more evil, eventually betraying Golden Freddy.
60. Funtime Foxy has three separate personalities: Seductive-time Foxy, Tech-time Foxy, and Playtime Foxy.
61. Foxy spends 5 minutes in the bathroom while the rest of the gang beg him to come out. Like me, Foxy has no track of time.
62. At some point; Freddy, Bonnie, or Ballora will say "No one cares about the carousel but me." Kinda a nod to Carousel by MM.
63. Bonnie and Bon-Bon will talk about bonbons.
64. I may rewrite the first chapters up to where Baby and the gang are found.
65. Along with that, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and Golden Freddy will have a lot of memory of what it was like as a prototype. Freddy has one vivid memory, though it's quite short.
66. Perspective Skeleton is now officially canon since I *drew* teasers.
67. After I rewrite the first few chapters, I'll write an explicit version, since the current one is clean. This will be marked as mature content.
68. I can imagine Undyne and Mangle getting along, so in that case, I'm putting them as roommates.
69. Freddy and Bonnie go to a gym together. And Chica comes with them THIS DOES NOT MEAN I'M SHIPPING THEM!!! Along with Bon-Bon getting legs at that gym.
70. It's a males-only gym. So Chica and Baby get put in a box filled with dumbbells
71. There are three showers in the PF household. One for the females, one for the males, and one for Foxy. Don't ask why Foxy has his own shower, along with his being roofed.
72. Bonnet, Lolbit, and Yenndo are not canon to the storyline.
73. All characters will stuff up what they say at one point. Freddy will when talking about a book, Toy Chica will when asked about beauty, and Papyrus will when talking about either Toy Chica or his spaghetti. I haven't thought of what the stuff up would be, but it'll come sooner or later.
74. At some point, Toy Chica will say that Bonnie has "chubby ankles"
75. In all, the stupidest character would most definitely Foxy. So he'll have a word stuff-up once or twice everyday.
76. Though Bonnet is non-canon, she will be the daughter of Bonnie and Toy Chica. I don't know how, but it will.
77. Freddy and Undyne will have Coeliac's disease. In other words, they're both gluten free.
78. Here's a list of all the characters th 


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